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Patient Admin/Medical Records

Medical Records

Inpatient & Outpatient Medical Records is located in the basement on the outpatient side of the hospital.

Correspondence/Release of Information: 580-558-2103
Lead Outpatient Coder: 580-558-3834
FAX # 580-558-2756


Q: Is there a charge for a copy of the patient's medical records?

A: Per AR 40-66, a patient is authorized ONE free copy, which includes updates. After that, the charge is $13.25 for search fee and .15 cents per page. The charge for a disk is $13.25 after receipt of the initial one free copy.

Q: How long does it take to get a COMPLETE copy of the patient's medical records once the release has been complete?

A: Customers must allow 30 BUSINESS days AFTER they submit a DD Form 2870 (Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information) to Patient Administration Division (excluding weekends, holidays and training holidays).

Q: Is it a requirement that the patient obtain a note from a Reynolds Army Health Clinic (RAHC) provider prior to ordering copies of their medical records from civilian sources?

A: Yes. Customers must obtain a note from a RAHC provider which is provided to the Release of Information technician. The note will be attached to the copy of the release form that is maintained in the Release of Information office. If the civilian source charges for the copies of records, then there will be documentation from the provider.

Q: Does Release of Information staff handle billing for insurance companies for motor vehicle accidents or do pre-admissions?

A: No. This is handled by the Uniformed Billing Office (UBO). The claim has to be filed through the Medical Affirmative Claims (MAC) office. These claims are the motor vehicle accidents for insurance companies and billing is including in the process. RAHC no longer does Pre- Admissions due to the downsizing of the organization.

Q: Does a customer need to have a medical Power of Attorney (POA) to get a copy of medical records on a spouse, mother, father, etc?

A: Yes. Customer must provide a medical Power of Attorney if they do not have a release from the patient or has not been declared the guardian of the patient. If a Durable Power of Attorney is provided, it must SPECIFICALLY declare permission to access and or handle the patientís medical records in addition to the other areas of their affairs.