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Logistics Division
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   WELCOME to Logistics Division Internet. Information on this INTERNET site will help our external customers order supplies and equipment.

<-- Use the Menu in the left column to find your area of interest; or, read about each branch of Logistics Division below.

External customers can eliminate paper orders and automate the ordering process by using DCAM on their PC:

DCAM, "DMLSS Customer Assistance Module", is the designated choice for external units to use to order medical supplies. This is a client based program that retains catalog and order data on the customer's PC. Orders can be created "offline" and then go online to send orders and receive status and an updated catalog (using HTTPS secure file transfer protocal on port 443).

ren ball Customer Assistance Manual Manual guidance for external Logistics Division customers is consolidated into MEDDAC Regulation 40-61 (This does not include automated procedures using DCAM).

RACH employees can get internal procedures from the Logistics Division INTRANET .

Index to Logistics Division Services:

  • Facilities.  Repair and maintain the buildings and grounds.
  • Housekeeping.  Administer the housekeeping contract.
  • Supplies.  Purchase medical linen and expendable supplies (medical and non-medical).
  • IMSA.  Installation Medical Supply Activity (IMSA) for Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
  • Property.  Purchase property and equipment (non-expendable, medical and non-medical).
  • Medical Maintenance.  Maintain and repair medical equipment.
  • Optical.  Provide prescription glasses to military personnel.
  • MR. 40-61  Detailed procedures for customers to obtain medical logistics services (PDF).
  • Description of Logistics Division Services:

    FUNCTION: Logistics Division equips, maintains, and supplies the healthcare facility. Logistics Division has 3 branches: Materiel Management Branch, Equipment Management Branch, and Facility Management Branch. Logistics Division also operates an optical shop which fabricates various types of eyewear for military personnel and Medical Health Services (MHS) beneficiaries. Logistics Division performs vital functions which support direct patient care, and the medical readiness of military units.

    SUPPLIES.   Materiel Management Branch provides supplies (medical and non-medical), and Hospital Linen. . Supplies are expendable items that are consumed in use. Materiel Branch employees provide acquisition services for all classes of supply in addition to facilitating standardization for the medical staff. They buy the supplies, linen, and services needed to run the hospital. They provide receipt processing, warehousing and storage, quality control, inventory support, cart exchange, and delivery services for medical and nonmedical supplies. They manage the Hazardous Waste and Silver/Gold Recovery Program, linen support, the laundry contract, medical gases, and expendable office supplies. They provide emergency requirements for 80 internal RACH customers and 20 MEDCOM customers outside RACH. They also provide customer assistance to the patients and to RACH and DoD customer activities.

         IMSA.   Materiel Management Branch is the Installation Medical Supply Activity (IMSA) for Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The IMSA employees manage the Medical Stock Fund for the Installation Commander, and provide medical supplies for 54 activities stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and for 94 DoD activities throughout a 4 state region. The 4 state region includes New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and North Texas.

    PROPERTY.   Equipment Management Branch provides property and equipment. These are non-expendable medical and non-medical items. Equipment Management Branch is responsible for accounting for current equipment, and forecasting future equipment requirements.

    MEDICAL MAINTENANCE.   Equipment Management Branch is responsible for maintenance and repair needs of MEDDAC customers. They maintain and repair medical equipment owned by the hospital.

    FACILITIES.   Facilities Management Branch maintains buildings and grounds. They maintain the hospital building and its working parts, including structure, plumbing, and electrical components. They care for the hospital grounds, sidewalks, and parking lots. Facility Management Branch is responsible for managing a 5 year Facility Planning Board that identifies major changes in overall space and facility requirements.

         HOUSEKEEPING.  Facilities Management Branch also administers the contract for housekeeping and the contract for infectious waste disposal.

    OPTICAL.   The Optical Fabrication Lab provides prescription eyeglasses for Army active duty personnel, National Guard, Reserve and retirees. They give trainees prescription glasses in 1 day. It used to take 2 weeks before we had the Lab. This improves the Basic and AIT Students training program by 12 days. (The average turnaround time is 1 day for Trainees and 2 days for other hospital patients.) The Optical Lab can produce approximately 45,000 pairs of glasses a year.

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    Updated March 13, 2009
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