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Write to us at:

Reynolds Army Health Clinic

4301 Wilson Street

Fort Sill, OK 73503

Email the Patient Advocate Office at:

The Patient Advocates assist patients and family members resolve their healthcare concerns by serving as a liaison between the patient and staff. They also welcome compliments about any quality service you received. This helps Reynolds' Managers identify the good that our staff are doing and ways to improve service as needed throughout the facility. You can reach the Patient Advocates at 558-2390/3176.

WTU Ombudsman

The Ombudsman is a neutral, independent and impartial resource for Service Members and their Families. The Ombudsman will help resolve any issue for Warriors in Transition, to include medical, personnel, finance, legal, transition, and Veterans Administration matters. The Ombudsman will also support non-WTU Service Members and their Families who need assistance with medical related issues. In every case, the Ombudsman will attempt to connect the Service Member or Family with appropriate subject matter experts. The Ombudsman representative at Reynolds is Paulette Anderson. She is seasoned with understanding Soldiers' needs. The Reynolds Ombudsman can be reached by calling (580) 558-2592 or Blackberry (580) 458-9039, or Email Ombudsman.

For site content questions, email the Public Affairs Officer.

The Public Affairs Office is actively involved with and supports various groups and programs in the area. We strive to keep Fort Sill and the general public educated and updated on the TRICARE Benefit and clinic services. We routinely update the public with articles in the Cannoneer and the Constitution. Information Briefs are held quarterly at Reynolds and are open to the public. For your convenience, any unit, group or organization is welcome to schedule a brief during duty hours or after hours. For questions, comments, or to schedule a brief please call 580-558-2008.