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Reynolds Army Health Clinic Case management

Why would I need Case Management?

Case management is a collaborative process between you, your family or caregiver, your health care team, and your provider that includes a comprehensive assessment of your health, psycho-social needs, and use of health care services to develop a plan of care to improve your health outcomes.

How can case management help.

You or Your Family Member May Need Case Management if You Have:

WHo are Case Managers?

Case managers are nurses who can help you and your family figure out complex health care and support systems. They work as a team with your healthcare providers to coordinate the services and resources you need. The Case Manager provides advocacy, support, and education which reduces your burden while streamlining appropriate utilization of care. Not only does the Case Manager work with your healthcare team to coordinate your healthcare needs, they also monitor for progress and desired outcomes.

How Do I Contact a Case Manager?

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