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Post-Deployment Health Reassessmant

What is the PDHRA?

The Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) is a comprehensive health screening that examines for physical and behavioral health concerns associated with deployment.


The PDHRA has three main components:

3-6 Month Post-Deployment Resilience Training (formerly known as Battlemind Training)

• DD Form 2900 self-assessment

• Confidential, one-on-one discussion with a healthcare provider

Each step, along with your honest participation, will ensure an accurate assessment of your health.


Who takes the PDHRA?

All Army Services Members who deployed outside the continental United States (OCONUS) for 30 days or more to a location with a non-fixed Military Treatment Facility (MTF) must complete the PDHRA. Those who are required to complete the PDHRA include:

·         Active Duty

·         Army National Guard

·         Army Reserve

·         Individual Ready Reserve

·         DA Civilians


Why should you take the PDHRA?

The PDHRA gives you an opportunity to proactively identify and then—if needed—treat deployment-related health problems that may impact daily life, family, careers and futures. Back aches, sore knees and sleeplessness may seem like “normal” issues, but they could be symptoms of a larger health concern. A timely PDHRA is vital to identifying deployment-related health issues early before they develop into more serious issues.

Additionally, the PDHRA

·        Provides you with a snapshot of your physical and behavioral health following your deployment, which may be important information should health concerns arise in the future.

·        Helps you proactively address conditions which may affect your personal readiness and deployment status.

·        Allows you to examine behaviors or feelings that may be indicators of a deeper issue, and receive appropriate care. All of this can reduce stress and strain for yourself and your loved ones.


When do you take the PDHRA?

The PDHRA is a key component of the Deployment Cycle Support, which is detailed below, and deployment readiness. The timing of the PDHRA is what makes this screening unique. The PDHRA should be completed 90 to 180 days after redeployment because research indicates this is when symptoms of deployment-related health concerns may appear.


The PDHRA process varies among Army components and units so it’s important to contact your Chain of Commander for guidance before beginning the PDHRA process. To learn more about the PDHRA, please go to the PDHRA AKO Homepage.


PDHRA Location: Bldg. 4700
For scheduling call (580) 442-8595/0006/6261