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Reynold’s Army Health Clinic Nutrition Care

Welcome to Reynold’s Army Health Clinic Nutrition Care Outreach Page!

Mission: Our mission is to deliver world class Nutrition Care while promoting military readiness and community wellness.

Vision: Our vision is to be the premier Nutrition Care Outpatient Clinic and Nutrition resource to the Fort Sill community.

The Reynolds Army Health Clinic’s Nutrition Care Division is comprised of a team of military and civilian Registered Dietitians and Diet Technicians partnering to provide you and your family members with an exceptional experience.

The Nutrition Care Division provides a wide-array of services to meet the nutritional needs of you and your loved ones:

  • Comprehensive condition specific Medical Nutrition Therapy through individual or group class appointments
  • Tailored Community Nutrition Education Classes & Programs
  • Request a Nutrition Class

Nutrition Counseling Appointments

Top reasons to consult a registered dietitian:

  • You want to improve your performance or physical readiness.
  • You have diabetes, cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure or want to reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases.
  • You need to gain or lose some weight.
  • You are thinking of having or have had weight loss surgery.
  • You have digestive problems.
  • You’re pregnant, lactating, or trying to get pregnant.
  • Your teenager or child has issues with food and eating healthfully.

The Nutrition Care Clinic offers individual appointments and classes for a variety of needs. Appointments related to chronic or acute disease states (e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.) can be made after referral from your Primary Care Provider.

Referrals are not required for performance nutrition, weight loss/gain or wellness counseling in persons without chronic disease. Simply call the appointment line to schedule.

Appointment Line: 580-558-2825

Nutrition Education Classes

*Classes are for patients 18 and above.*

We are happy to come out and educate your Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, or Sailors and answer any questions.

Request a Nutrition Class

Fit For Performance

Fit For Performance informational Flier

Army Body Composition Program (ABCP)

Required Initial Nutrition Counseling Session (Introduction to FFP/ Initial Nutrition Counseling): Soldiers must attend Fit for Performance Session 1 within 30 days of enrollment in the ABCP to complete the initial nutrition counseling session IAW AR 600-9. The initial nutrition counseling memorandum will be provided at the end of Module 1 (FFP).

Module 1 (FFP): The first Module is offered every-other Tuesday at 0900 and lasts a little over 1 hour. Soldiers need to arrive 15 minutes prior to class to ensure check-in and seating. This class consists of basic weight-loss nutrition education along with an overview of AR 600-9 program standards. Soldier Action Plan Medical Treatment Facility Option: Soldiers who select Option A in the Soldier Action Plan, the weight loss program at the installation medical treatment facility, must first attend Module 1 (FFP) to receive their initial nutrition counseling memorandum. By the end of Module 1, Soldiers who intend to continue with the weight loss program at the installation will inform personnel in the Nutrition Clinic that they will continue with the program. Soldiers will then be directed to complete Modules 2-6.

FFP Module 2-6: Modules rotate sequentially and occur every Wednesday at 0900. Soldiers should arrive 15 minutes before class to ensure check-in and seating. During these class, Soldiers practice skills and goal-setting that enable them to make better lifestyle choices each day.

Administrative Details: Upon completion of all six FFP modules, a memorandum for record is provided to Soldiers who desire it denoting completion of the FFP program as well as any appointments scheduled for individual nutrition counseling or Army Wellness Center services All Soldiers are welcome to attend the nutrition classes, even if not enrolled in the ABCP.

Nutrition Resources and Links

Performance Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

  • Performance Triad (
  • OPPS (
  • Natural Medicines provides in-depth information about dietary supplement based on the best available scientific evidence. Get ratings for the safety and effectiveness of products along with the uses, benefits, side effects, drug interactions, etc., of the ingredients found in dietary supplement products. Complimentary access to Natural Medicines is available using a .mil email address. (
  • The Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC) provides health and nutrition information for Warfighters and their families. (
  • The ComRad website provides nutrition information on operational rations such as MREs. It includes menus, a link to the Leader’s Guides, and frequently asked questions. (

General Nutrition

  • MyPlate ( has replaced the legacy Food Guide Pyramid and provides sound advice on what and how much to eat per meal.
  • The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans ( focuses on improving your diet and preventing obesity.
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is your source for scientifically-based health and nutrition information. (
  • Eat Healthy Your Way ( is a quarterly publication in which you can find information on diet and nutrition as well as easy recipes. Find it at your commissary or access it online.

Dining Facility Links

DFACs and Hours of Operation (

Healthy Army Communities Initiative (HAC)

Fort Sill is a Legacy site of the Healthy Army Communities Initiative. Healthy Army Communities (HAC) is a coordinated Army-wide effort to improve the health and wellness of the total Army community, including active duty, reservists, families, civilians, and retirees. HAC focuses on changing the environment to make the healthy choice the easy choice, and helping individuals refocus their behavior toward healthier lifestyles. This effort includes the reshaping of Army communities to support healthier places to live, learn, eat, work, play, and shop on Army garrisons.

A fit and healthy fighting force is the foundation of a strong national defense. But in the United States, poor health, obesity, lack of physical fitness, poor eating habits, and tobacco use pose a growing threat to mission readiness, retention, recruitment, and resiliency. A few observations underscore the scale of the challenge:

  • Readiness: 20% of Active Duty Service Members are overweight and 17% are obese (>400K)
  • Retention: Failing weight standards is a leading cause of involuntary separation from military service
  • Fiscal Impact: Medical services due to obesity and tobacco-related illness costs the DoD over $4B annually
  • Recruitment: In 2010, 27 percent of recruits did not qualify for the military due to weight standards. By 2030, it is estimated that over 60 percent of potential recruits will not qualify due to their weight.

    Some changes you may have notice include:

    • Increased Go for Green 2.0 signage and green-coded foods in the Dining Facilities
    • Increased BeFit food/snack options in the Expresses and MWR food establishments
    • Increased FitPick options in the vending machines
    • The opening of Muscle Maker Grill in the PX
    • The Thumbs Up Nutrition Guide in the Commissary
    • And much more!

Please share your experience with us today so we can improve your experience tomorrow.

Thank you.