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The Army has recently established a local Ombudsman program intended to support the Warrior in Transition program. The local Ombudsman program is part of the Reynolds Army Community Hospital's Patient Advocate Team and works directly for the MEDCOM Medical Assistance Group.

The Ombudsman representative at Reynolds is Paulette Anderson. She is seasoned with understanding Soldiers' needs.

The Ombudsman will serve as an advocate to resolve issues relating to Warriors in Transition Soldiers and their family members. Issues include health care, physical disability processing, Reserve Component medical retention issues, transition to the Veterans Administration, pay issues, etc. They will also assist with issues that come through the Army-wide Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline. In every case, the Ombudsman will attempt to link the Soldier or Family member with the appropriate subject matter expert.

The Reynolds Ombudsman can be reached by calling 580-558-4501, 580-458-9039, or Email Ombudsman.

More information on the Ombudsman program.

Fort Sill Ombudsman Information.