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How To Order Medical Supplies with Paper and Pen

Changing to Automated Ordering:

Until external units can get an automated interface working, they can continue to use manual procedures and order on paper.

Automated ordering with the DMLSS Customer Assistance Module (DCAM) eliminates the need to carry paper back and forth, and is the preferred method of ordering Class Eight, medical, supplies.

Procedures for establishing accounts and ordering medical supplies are in MEDDAC Regulation 40-61.

Paper Requests for medical supplies may be submitted on two approved forms:

(1) DA Form 2765-1, Request for Issue or Turn-In, may be used to request cataloged medical supply items (Figure 4-5). (Most items have been ordered before and are cataloged.)

The Stockage List shows medical supply items that are cataloged, and in the warehouse for next day pickup.

The UDR lists medical supply items that are cataloged, but not stocked by Logistics Division. Routine priority requests (Priority 12-13) for medical supplies that are not stocked may take up to 30 days to come in. (The supply section of every Army unit should already be receiving the UDR on CD-ROM disk.)

(2) DA Form 3953, Purchase Request and Commitment, may be used

  • to request new medical supply items that are not cataloged,
  • for high priority items (signature required), or
  • for items that go on the Property Book (equipment) (Figure 4-7).

    Use Optional Form 336, CONTINUATION SHEET, for a continuation sheet.

    ren ball Search for ARMY Regulations/Forms -- http://www.apd.army.mil/   Army Publishing Directorate

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    Updated March 13, 2009
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