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(Publications for Internal Customers are on the RACH INTRANET.)

Stockage Lists - Stocked and On-Hand items are in the warehouse and are available for next day issue.  
ren ball DCAM customers can print or view a current online Stock List with:
Reports, Stock List, By Item Description, No upper Bound, Next, Finish.
Use the arrows in the upper left corner to turn pages. Use the Print Icon to print.
ren ball TCAM customers can print or view a current online stockage list with:
Print, Print Stockage List, Stocklist in Nomen Sequence, 0000000000000, zzzzzzzzzzzzz (13 characters); or,
Catalog, View Catalog, Query, Stocked Items Only, Select. (Select Reset to return to complete catalog.)
ren ball DMLSS customers can print or view a current online stockage list with:
Log in to DMLSS, Select Business Objects, Materiel Management, Launch BO, File, Open, "stockage.rep", File, Print, File, Exit.
(The file "stockage.rep" must first be saved on your PC in directory: "Desktop, My Documents, My Business Objects Documents, userDocs". DMLSS customers can get this file from the Logistics Division DMLSS web page on the RACH Intranet at https://www.intranet.rach.amedd.army.mil/sites/LOG/BObjects/default.aspx .)
ren ball PAPER copy of the Stockage Lists:
(Print on your PC printer. Use Find (Ctrl+F) to search list. Use F3 to Find Again.)

MEDDAC Regulations (Logistics)
ren ball MEDDAC Regulation 40-61 dated 25 August 2003. -- PDF
    Logistics Division Customer Support Service.

ren ball MEDDAC Regulation 210-3 dated 1 Aug 2003. -- PDF
    Conduct of Pharmaceutical And Medical Supply Sales Representatives.

ARMY Regulations (for reference)
ren ball ARMY Regulation 40-61 dated 28 January 2005. -- AR 40-61
    Medical Logistics Policies and Procedures

ren ball ARMY Regulation 710-2 dated 8 July 2005 (effective 8 August 2005). -- AR 710-2
    Supply Policy Below The National Level

ren ball DA PAM 710-2-1 dated 31 December 1997. -- DA PAM 710-2-1

ren ball ARMY Regulation 725-50 dated 15 November 1995. -- AR 725-50

ren ball Search for ARMY Regulations -- http://www.apd.army.mil/   Army Publishing Directorate

Logistics Division publications are available in one or more formats, Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF), Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 (*.DOC) and/or ASCII text files (*.TXT). Readers for the file formats can be obtained from the Adobe or Microsoft web sites.
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Updated March 13, 2009
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