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Tricare Reserve Select

TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) is a premium-based health plan that qualified National Guard and Reserve members may purchase. TRS, which requires a monthly premium, offers coverage similar to TRICARE Standard and Extra.

Key features of TRS include:

How TRS Works for You:
To learn more about how TRS works for you, you'll need to enter your profile. Be sure to select "National Guard and Reserve Member (Not Activated)" or "National Guard and Reserve Family Member (Not Activated)" and select "TRICARE Reserve Select" as your health plan. If you've already entered your profile, simply browse through the rest of the site for information about finding a provider, getting care, out-of-pocket costs and so much more.

Questions about eligibility?
If you have questions regarding your TRS eligibility, please contact your National Guard or Reserve Point of Contact. Note that members of the Individual Ready Reserve are usually not eligible for TRS.

Need help with the TRS Request Form?
For technical assistance or to report system problems with access to the TRS Request Form, please call the DMDC Support Center at 1-800-477-8227.