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SWS Groups and Classes 2010

Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Group

Soldiers will learn advanced cognitive and behavioral strategies to manage post-deployment stressors, including PTSD and chronic stress symptoms and behaviors. Soldiers will master stress-inoculation and resiliency strategies to avoid future stress injuries. Start Date: Structured 10 week class, Mondays 10:00-11:30 or Wednesdays 1400-1530

Warrior Resilience & Thriving (WRT) Class

Soldiers will learn advanced resiliency, thriving and posttraumatic growth techniques to design a personal resilient philosophy to endure any stressor (combat, relationships, etc…) with dignity and honor. Group teaches Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) proven self-counseling strategies, using current OIF Resiliency model, and Army Master Resilience Training Program insights. Open enrollment, 6 week class, Tuesday or Thursdays 0900-1030

Parenting Skills Group

Parents will develop a broad approach covering developmental stages from birth through adolescence, including mastering communication skills and alternate methods of discipline. Start Date: Structured 8 week class Tuesdays 1330-1500

Conflict Resolution Group

Couples will learn effective and time-proven methods to improve communication manage and reduce conflict. Participants will learn how to deepen their personal connection and learn to effectively negotiate solutions to common relationship problems. Start Date: Structured 8 week class. Wednesdays 0900-1030

Warrior Family Resilience & Thriving (WFRT) Class

Military Family Members, individuals or couples, will learn advanced resiliency, thriving and posttraumatic growth techniques which will help them manage ongoing military stressors, including deployment, post combat stress injuries and unit conflict. Couples will learn effective communication and emotional management techniques based on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and the Army Master Resilience Training Program. Open enrollment, 6 week class Wednesdays 1030-1200

SMART: Stress Management Anger Reduction Training

Individuals and couples will learn to recognize, manage, and reduce anger and daily stressors at work and in relationships in a dynamic, interactive environment. They will also master techniques to manage stress by enhancing emotional intelligence. Clients will learn proven physical relaxation and progressive imagery exercises. Start Date: Structured 8 week class Wednesdays 1330-1500

Domestic Aggression Reduction Group

Members will learn to break the cycle of domestic aggression and violence by clearly defining violent and aggressive thoughts, emotions and actions promoting more controlled, effective responses. Clients will also learn a new effective vocabulary to manage at risk situations, and rehearse domestic violence alternatives. Start Date: Structured 8 week class Mondays: 1330-1500 ***ENROLLMENT RESTRICTED for THIS GROUP ONLY***

For more information, to speak to a group leader or check class dates please call 580-442-2836/8676 Fax: 580- 442-7867

4301 Wilson Street Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73503-78 | Phone: (580) 558-2800 or 558-2801 |

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